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Tom Brady Suspension Upheld, Patriots Football Future Uncertain

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Tom Brady suspension

Tom Brady’s 4-game suspension is being upheld by the NFL, but he won’t let it end there are they go to court to try and seek an injunction. This could ultimately hurt the Patriots, as football season could be almost over by the time any decision is met regarding Delfategate and his suspension.

Not having their star quarterback, who is responsible for four of their Super Bowl victories, the players and coaches of the Patriots, and even the fans will have to prepare for a long season this year. The franchise will have to think long and hard about what to do in order to mitigate losses, with or without Brady on the field.

They could and will do these three things:

  • Continued Support for Brady. The Patriots have voiced their support for their QB, and as he goes to court against the NFL, he will need them; however, how much help could they provide.
  • Backup Quarterback. They will be preparing backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo for the best and worst case scenarios. Brady, depending on how things go, could either miss the first or last four games of the season.
  • Team Planning. Brady is an important player, but the Patriots are full of talent and will need to get their players to perform even better than before if they want to clear the hard games.

Whether Tom Brady is innocent or not should not affect them making the best decision based on current events. Would the Patriots rather him sit out for the first 4 or last 4 games of the season? As this is a possible scenario if the court appeal takes longer than expected, and whether the ruling is in their favor or not.

As you can see, there are a lot of variables that need to be considered. Football fans know the importance of having the captain and reliable quarterback on the field if they want to win games, so will Brady suck it up and take the blame to be able to come back strong or will he go all the way to clear his name? Although it shouldn’t be a big deal to be linked to Deflategate, especially if his plans to retire any time soon are true.

Two Running Backs You Want on Your Fantasy Football Team: Gordon And Coleman

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Fantasy Football running backs

As the NFL teams start with their training camps, fans will also need to start getting ready to draft all of the best football players they can onto their fantasy teams. We recently provided you with a few names that could get you some good points, and now we will talk about two rookie running backs in particular.

There were a lot of great players that got picked during the 2015 Draft, but not all of them will be playing this upcoming season. So, which are these two rookie RB’s that could make a big difference? Melvin Gordon and Tevin Coleman. They each have amazing skills on the field that the coaches of the Chargers and Falcons are sure to use.

As such, we have some predictions of what they could accomplish in the League based on what they did during their time in college, as well as comparing them to other rookies in the past.

Player 2014 College Stats 2015 Prediction
Melvin Gordon

Rush Yards: 2,587

Average: 7.5

Touchdowns: 29

Rush Yards: 1,111

Average: 3.9

Touchdowns: 6

Telvin Coleman

Rush Yards: 2,036

Average: 7.5

Touchdowns: 15

#1: Rush Yards: 1,065

Average: 3.8

Touchdowns: 7

#2: Rush Yards: 874

Average: 3.8

Touchdowns: 6

As you can tell, they had an amazing year in 2014, which could translate really well in the NFL, and could make their rookie year a great one. This is why they would be so valuable on any fantasy football team, as they are top draft picks with enormous talent on teams that really need their skill-set in order to win games.

If you want to check out the entire process of how these predictions were made and what information they were based off of, check it out here.

10 Stats From 2014 That Can Help Your 2015 Fantasy Football Team

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Fantasy Football picks

With the 2015 Pro Football season about to start, it is important for all of those fans that enjoy the competition that fantasy sports gives them, need to learn from the past, so they can better prepare for the future. 2014 was a great year to gauge for new players, as well as see which players may be worth more this year due to great performances.

Some players may fly under the radar due to some specific stats that don’t allow fans to see their great overall performances, and this could hurt you if some other person drafts them. However, there are other players that are hyped to be good, but when you look at their overall performance, they don’t really have what it takes. Here are ten stats, that you may or may not know already, about some players that performed well or not.

Players To Consider



Total NEP


Eddie Lacy


Reception: 34.56

3rd among RB

Jimmy Graham


Reception Per Target: 0.59

15th among TE

Le’Veon Bell


Total: 82.85

38th in NFL

Dereck Anderson


Passing Per Drop Back: 0.35

1st in NFL

Antonio Brown


Reception: 0.84

Receptions: 112

8th in NFL

1st in NFL

Calvin Johnson


Reception: 0.82

Success Rate: 98.59%

10th in NFL

2nd in NFL

Aaron Rodgers


Total: 214.26

Passing: 188.41

1st in NFL

10th in NFL

Players To Avoid

Andre Ellington


Rushing: -28.34

Worst in NFL

Devonta Freeman


Rushing: -18.80

Success Rate: 24.62%

3rd Worst in NFL

Worst in NFL

Blake Bortles


Passing: -97.97

5th Worst in NFL

You may want to take a risk on the players that seem to have gone under the radar, even when their performance is on par with those star players. In the end, when participating in fantasy football, it is important to get results from each individual player that you draft, as their performance will give you the necessary points to win.

Comparing College Football And NFL Running Backs

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Football running backs

We are always ranking the different players in college or in the NFL, but we never really compare them against each other to see just how good a football player they are. This is why we are comparing the Top 10 ranked running backs in College, and seeing how they match up against those that are already in the professional arena.

Rank College Player HT/WT Yards TD NFL Comparison
#1 Ohio State Ezekiel Elliot 6’0 225 lb. 1,878 18 Frank Gore
#2 LSU Leonard Fournette 6’1 230 lb. 1,034 10 Adrian Peterson
#3 Pittsburgh James Conner 6’2 240 lb. 1,765 26 Le’Veon Bell
#4 Oklahoma Samaje Perine 5’11 237 lb. 1,713 21 Marshawn Lynch
#5 Georgia Nick Chubb 5’10 220 lb. 1,547 14 Todd Gurley
#6 Oregon Royce Freeman 5’11 230 lb. 1,365 18 Jonathan Stewart
#7 Alabama Derrick Henry 6’3 242 lb. 990 11 Eddie Lacy
#8 UCLA Paul Perkins 5’11 198 lb. 1,575 9 LeSean McCoy
#9 Florida State Dalvin Cook 6’0 203 lb. 1,008 8 Jamaal Charles
#10 San Diego St. Donnel Pumphrey 5’9 170 lb. 1,867 20 C.J. Spiller

This gives a good perspective of how each college player performs, and who they would be compared against doing the same thing in the NFL. These 10 running backs have a great future ahead of them, so be sure to look for them on the football field, and expect them to get drafted soon.

Ranking The NFL Quarterbacks For 2015 Season

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Football quarterbacks

The player that any NFL team’s offense surrounds and depends on to make important plays and touchdowns is none other than the quarterback. This football player is what every offense revolves around, so it is logical that we would rank them to see which has higher odds of winning games this upcoming season.

Ranking of all 32 NFL teams and their star quarterback are:

1 Tom Brady Patriots
2 Aaron Rodgers Packers
3 Andrew Luck Colts
4 Peyton Manning Broncos
5 Ben Roethlisberger Steelers
6 Philip Rivers Chargers
7 Drew Brees Saints
8 Joe Flacco Ravens
9 Matt Ryan Falcons
10 Tony Romo Cowboys
11 Eli Manning Giants
12 Russell Wilson Seahawks
13 Matthew Stafford Lions
14 Carson Palmer Cardinals
15 Ryan Tannehill Dolphins
16 Cam Newton Panthers
17 Jay Cutler Bears
18 Alex Smith Chiefs
19 Derek Carr Raiders
20 Andy Dalton Bengals
21 Colin Kaepernick 49ers
22 Sam Bradford Eagles
23 Teddy Bridgewater Vikings
24 Nick Foles Rams
25 Blake Bortles Jaguars
26 Jameis Winston Buccaneers
27 Geno Smith Jets
28 Brian Hoyer Texans
29 Joch McCown Browns
30 Marcus Mariota Titans
31 Robert Griffin III Washington
32 Matt Cassel Bills

You can see older and more experienced quarterbacks like Brady and Manning; although Peyton Manning will certainly have to consider retirement if the Broncos don’t do well this next season. There are also new quarterbacks that made this list like Bridgewater and Bortles, second year players that have a lot of potential.

Fans can use this list to start predicting how strong an offense will be, although they should take into consideration other handicapping methods where you combine quarterbacks with wide receivers and the rest of the offensive line to create accurate predictions. This list can change throughout the season, so be sure watch the games.