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Fantasy Football Watch: Running Backs Good At Depth

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Depth Football RB

With just a few weeks until the start of the 2015 NFL regular season, fans should be getting ready to line up their best players for their fantasy football team. We are going to take a look at which running backs would be the best to put on your weekly roster, depending on whether you were able to draft any of them or not. It is no good to just pick any running back, but rather those players that have high chances of actually scoring in order to give you points.

This is why we’re going to take a look at the top running back for each professional team that has the ability to perform well near the goal-line and to score touchdowns; whether it is using their speed, quickness, or strength to do so. Here is the top pick for each team:

Team Player Reason
Cowboys Joseph Randle Quickness
Giants Andre Williams 38 carries inside red-zone
Eagles Ryan Mathews Strong for goal-line situations
Washington Alfred Morris Good offensive line
Bears Matt Forte Big and strong at line
Lions Joique Bell Between-the-tackles guy
Packers Eddie Lacy 20 rushing attempts at goal
Vikings Matt Asiata 9 touchdowns from 7 yards or closer
Falcons Devonta Freeman Best suited for short yardage situations
Panthers Cam Newton 33 career rushing touchdowns
Saints Mark Ingram 9 touchdowns in 2014
Buccaneers Doug Martin Powerful runner
Cardinals Andre Ellington Short yardage go-to player
49ers Carlos Hyde Better at closed spaces than Bush
Seahawks Marshawn Lynch He’s a beast, period
Rams Benny Cunningham Most success at goal-line
Bills LeSean McCoy
Fred Jackson
Both have impressive red zone stats, and either could fill the position
Dolphins Lamar Miller Stronger to break tackles
Patriots LeGarrette Blount Lead power back
Jets Chris Ivory Great yards-after-contact runner
Ravens Justin Forsett 7 red zone touchdowns in 2014
Bengals Jeremy Hill Strengthened lower body
Browns Isaiah Crowell Bell-cow back with 8 touchdowns in 2014
Steelers Le’Veon Bell Great at running and catching, deadly combo in red zone
Texans Arian Foster Wait for his return, as no one else has stepped up
Colts Frank Gore 49 career touchdowns inside of the 20-yard line
Jaguars Toby Gerhart Biggest back and tough inside runner
Titans David Cobb Bigger and stronger
Broncos C.J. Anderson Likely to get the most carries this season
Chiefs Jamaal Charles Good vision and patience for holes to open
Raiders Latavius Murray Good burst and push at the line
Chargers Branden Oliver Best option for red zone situations

So, when picking one of the two running backs, be sure to include one that is good in the red zone or close to the goal-line, as they will more than likely be put in to push the ball into the end zone. No need to worry, as your fantasy football team will perform quite well if you take these players into consideration when playing.

Two Running Backs You Want on Your Fantasy Football Team: Gordon And Coleman

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Fantasy Football running backs

As the NFL teams start with their training camps, fans will also need to start getting ready to draft all of the best football players they can onto their fantasy teams. We recently provided you with a few names that could get you some good points, and now we will talk about two rookie running backs in particular.

There were a lot of great players that got picked during the 2015 Draft, but not all of them will be playing this upcoming season. So, which are these two rookie RB’s that could make a big difference? Melvin Gordon and Tevin Coleman. They each have amazing skills on the field that the coaches of the Chargers and Falcons are sure to use.

As such, we have some predictions of what they could accomplish in the League based on what they did during their time in college, as well as comparing them to other rookies in the past.

Player 2014 College Stats 2015 Prediction
Melvin Gordon

Rush Yards: 2,587

Average: 7.5

Touchdowns: 29

Rush Yards: 1,111

Average: 3.9

Touchdowns: 6

Telvin Coleman

Rush Yards: 2,036

Average: 7.5

Touchdowns: 15

#1: Rush Yards: 1,065

Average: 3.8

Touchdowns: 7

#2: Rush Yards: 874

Average: 3.8

Touchdowns: 6

As you can tell, they had an amazing year in 2014, which could translate really well in the NFL, and could make their rookie year a great one. This is why they would be so valuable on any fantasy football team, as they are top draft picks with enormous talent on teams that really need their skill-set in order to win games.

If you want to check out the entire process of how these predictions were made and what information they were based off of, check it out here.

10 Stats From 2014 That Can Help Your 2015 Fantasy Football Team

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Fantasy Football picks

With the 2015 Pro Football season about to start, it is important for all of those fans that enjoy the competition that fantasy sports gives them, need to learn from the past, so they can better prepare for the future. 2014 was a great year to gauge for new players, as well as see which players may be worth more this year due to great performances.

Some players may fly under the radar due to some specific stats that don’t allow fans to see their great overall performances, and this could hurt you if some other person drafts them. However, there are other players that are hyped to be good, but when you look at their overall performance, they don’t really have what it takes. Here are ten stats, that you may or may not know already, about some players that performed well or not.

Players To Consider



Total NEP


Eddie Lacy


Reception: 34.56

3rd among RB

Jimmy Graham


Reception Per Target: 0.59

15th among TE

Le’Veon Bell


Total: 82.85

38th in NFL

Dereck Anderson


Passing Per Drop Back: 0.35

1st in NFL

Antonio Brown


Reception: 0.84

Receptions: 112

8th in NFL

1st in NFL

Calvin Johnson


Reception: 0.82

Success Rate: 98.59%

10th in NFL

2nd in NFL

Aaron Rodgers


Total: 214.26

Passing: 188.41

1st in NFL

10th in NFL

Players To Avoid

Andre Ellington


Rushing: -28.34

Worst in NFL

Devonta Freeman


Rushing: -18.80

Success Rate: 24.62%

3rd Worst in NFL

Worst in NFL

Blake Bortles


Passing: -97.97

5th Worst in NFL

You may want to take a risk on the players that seem to have gone under the radar, even when their performance is on par with those star players. In the end, when participating in fantasy football, it is important to get results from each individual player that you draft, as their performance will give you the necessary points to win.