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Two Running Backs You Want on Your Fantasy Football Team: Gordon And Coleman

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Fantasy Football running backs

As the NFL teams start with their training camps, fans will also need to start getting ready to draft all of the best football players they can onto their fantasy teams. We recently provided you with a few names that could get you some good points, and now we will talk about two rookie running backs in particular.

There were a lot of great players that got picked during the 2015 Draft, but not all of them will be playing this upcoming season. So, which are these two rookie RB’s that could make a big difference? Melvin Gordon and Tevin Coleman. They each have amazing skills on the field that the coaches of the Chargers and Falcons are sure to use.

As such, we have some predictions of what they could accomplish in the League based on what they did during their time in college, as well as comparing them to other rookies in the past.

Player 2014 College Stats 2015 Prediction
Melvin Gordon

Rush Yards: 2,587

Average: 7.5

Touchdowns: 29

Rush Yards: 1,111

Average: 3.9

Touchdowns: 6

Telvin Coleman

Rush Yards: 2,036

Average: 7.5

Touchdowns: 15

#1: Rush Yards: 1,065

Average: 3.8

Touchdowns: 7

#2: Rush Yards: 874

Average: 3.8

Touchdowns: 6

As you can tell, they had an amazing year in 2014, which could translate really well in the NFL, and could make their rookie year a great one. This is why they would be so valuable on any fantasy football team, as they are top draft picks with enormous talent on teams that really need their skill-set in order to win games.

If you want to check out the entire process of how these predictions were made and what information they were based off of, check it out here.