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Ranking The NFL Quarterbacks For 2015 Season

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Football quarterbacks

The player that any NFL team’s offense surrounds and depends on to make important plays and touchdowns is none other than the quarterback. This football player is what every offense revolves around, so it is logical that we would rank them to see which has higher odds of winning games this upcoming season.

Ranking of all 32 NFL teams and their star quarterback are:

1 Tom Brady Patriots
2 Aaron Rodgers Packers
3 Andrew Luck Colts
4 Peyton Manning Broncos
5 Ben Roethlisberger Steelers
6 Philip Rivers Chargers
7 Drew Brees Saints
8 Joe Flacco Ravens
9 Matt Ryan Falcons
10 Tony Romo Cowboys
11 Eli Manning Giants
12 Russell Wilson Seahawks
13 Matthew Stafford Lions
14 Carson Palmer Cardinals
15 Ryan Tannehill Dolphins
16 Cam Newton Panthers
17 Jay Cutler Bears
18 Alex Smith Chiefs
19 Derek Carr Raiders
20 Andy Dalton Bengals
21 Colin Kaepernick 49ers
22 Sam Bradford Eagles
23 Teddy Bridgewater Vikings
24 Nick Foles Rams
25 Blake Bortles Jaguars
26 Jameis Winston Buccaneers
27 Geno Smith Jets
28 Brian Hoyer Texans
29 Joch McCown Browns
30 Marcus Mariota Titans
31 Robert Griffin III Washington
32 Matt Cassel Bills

You can see older and more experienced quarterbacks like Brady and Manning; although Peyton Manning will certainly have to consider retirement if the Broncos don’t do well this next season. There are also new quarterbacks that made this list like Bridgewater and Bortles, second year players that have a lot of potential.

Fans can use this list to start predicting how strong an offense will be, although they should take into consideration other handicapping methods where you combine quarterbacks with wide receivers and the rest of the offensive line to create accurate predictions. This list can change throughout the season, so be sure watch the games.