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Tom Brady Suspension Upheld, Patriots Football Future Uncertain

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Tom Brady suspension

Tom Brady’s 4-game suspension is being upheld by the NFL, but he won’t let it end there are they go to court to try and seek an injunction. This could ultimately hurt the Patriots, as football season could be almost over by the time any decision is met regarding Delfategate and his suspension.

Not having their star quarterback, who is responsible for four of their Super Bowl victories, the players and coaches of the Patriots, and even the fans will have to prepare for a long season this year. The franchise will have to think long and hard about what to do in order to mitigate losses, with or without Brady on the field.

They could and will do these three things:

  • Continued Support for Brady. The Patriots have voiced their support for their QB, and as he goes to court against the NFL, he will need them; however, how much help could they provide.
  • Backup Quarterback. They will be preparing backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo for the best and worst case scenarios. Brady, depending on how things go, could either miss the first or last four games of the season.
  • Team Planning. Brady is an important player, but the Patriots are full of talent and will need to get their players to perform even better than before if they want to clear the hard games.

Whether Tom Brady is innocent or not should not affect them making the best decision based on current events. Would the Patriots rather him sit out for the first 4 or last 4 games of the season? As this is a possible scenario if the court appeal takes longer than expected, and whether the ruling is in their favor or not.

As you can see, there are a lot of variables that need to be considered. Football fans know the importance of having the captain and reliable quarterback on the field if they want to win games, so will Brady suck it up and take the blame to be able to come back strong or will he go all the way to clear his name? Although it shouldn’t be a big deal to be linked to Deflategate, especially if his plans to retire any time soon are true.