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Top Sports Handicappers: How to Know Who to Choose

August 17, 2009 by  
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If you are looking to place bets on professional football match-ups you will find that success in doing so will take a bit more than good guessing skills. If you are a sports aficionado, it may be possible to be your own football handicapper. Handicapping takes a pretty comprehensive knowledge of the sport in general, past picks, injuries, and other vital stats.

When evaluating sports handicappers online, take a look at their picks. They should have a fairly good track record. Keep in mind that a great deal of betting is about chance, so no handicapper should have a perfect track record. If they tell you their track record is perfect, you can be fairly certain that they are not telling the truth.

Another thing to consider when dealing with handicapping services or professional handicappers is rapport. When you have email or telephone communications with them, do you feel like you can trust them or their company? Do you feel confident in their abilities to deliver the results that you are looking for? Your handicapper should be somebody that you can trust with your money and put faith into. Evaluating someone’s trustworthiness is about gut feelings, but so is betting.

With consideration to all of these things and more, some of the top sports handicappers available online are:

Pro View Picks

Vegas Edge

10 Star Picks

NSA Football Picks Service

Keep in mind that not every handicapper is perfect. Use these guidelines and your own discretion when searching for the right handicapper for your needs.